The terms and conditions set by TMMS Research center LTD for the warranty of this product are set below.

What is covered?                                                                    

The Warranty covers the defect in the materials and craftsmanship in this product.

What is uncovered?                                                                        

The Warranty does not cover any damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from alteration, modification, improper maintenance, misuse, accident, excess moisture, lightning, or other act of nature and damage during shipping.

Time Coverage

The warranty last for three months from the date of the original purchase of this product

Who is covered

Only the first purchaser of this product will benefit of this coverage. This warranty is not valid to subsequent purchaser or owner of this product.

Return Procedure

The electronic component being returned to TMMS along with

  • Full payment form of a credit number or money order including shipping and handling
  • Complete warranty form.

Note: Do not send entire model, send only the damage component. The shipped to TMMS should be insured to cover the value of a new replacement because we are not responsible for item lost in transit.

What TMMS R.C. LTD will do

We repair any defective parts within a reasonable period of time, free of any charge for the necessary parts and labor to complete the repair and restore this product to its proper operating condition.