Concerning general Electromagnetism, there are according to us missing chapters in most academic teaching. These chapters would explain the transitions between the quasi-static fields, involved for instance when two solid magnets or two electrical charges moving slowly interacts, and the EM wave propagation at large distances from sources. There is for instance a large variety of dynamic applications of inductive and capacitive couplings acting over considerable distances that do not involve propagation to be perfectly explained.

KanTanLabs aspires to bridge this academic teaching gap, providing simple experiments to illustrates how recent devices work in order to achieve Wireless Power Transfer and paving the way for new innovative applications of non-radiating near fields

KanTanLabs products are designed for a very large public. Some of our Kits are battery powered, rugged and totally harmless: they can be used by the first time experimenter.

Our assemblies and tools provide leading edge equipments for near-field investigations. These equipments can be used in any basically equipped electronic laboratory; they will help the skilled amateur as well as the advanced engineer.

A teasing illustrated introduction to KanTanLabs & non-radiating near fields is provided here.

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